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Trump Weighs In On Whether He’d Consider Tucker Carlson For VP

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Former President Donald Trump has expressed openness to considering former Fox News host Tucker Carlson as his running mate for the 2024 presidential race during an appearance on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, where Trump responded to a question about Carlson’s potential vice-presidential candidacy.

“So, would Tucker Carlson be on your list of potential VPs?” Travis asked. “How many names might be on that list as you sit and look and survey the political field?”

“Oh, wow,” Trump said, contemplating the suggestion, as though the thought had never occurred to him before.

The conversation on the radio show likened the selection process to Alabama football’s strategy for choosing a coach, suggesting that just as the university would have a list of candidates for a coaching vacancy, Trump might have a list of potential vice-presidential candidates. When pressed on whether Carlson would be on such a list, Trump recalled an interview with Carlson that had garnered significant attention, saying, “We broke every record in history,” and noting the interview’s viewership reached over 300 million people.

Further probing led Trump to affirm his fondness for Carlson.

“I like Tucker a lot,” Trump responded. “I guess I would. I think I’d say I would. He’s got great common sense.” Trump elaborated on their shared values, emphasizing the importance of secure borders and effective immigration barriers.

Despite Trump’s admiration, Carlson has previously indicated a lack of interest in running for office. In a 2021 conversation on the Ruthless podcast, when asked about a presidential bid, Carlson expressed his reservations humorously, considering the impact on his family and reflecting on his long history with past presidents, none of whom, in his view, had their lives improved by the presidency.

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