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Trump Jr. Speaks Out on Aunt Maryanne Trump Barry’s Death

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Maryanne Trump Barry, a former federal judge and the sister of former President Donald Trump died on Monday. She was 86.

On Monday, Don Trump Jr. briefly addressed the death of his aunt after providing testimony in a New York City court case brought forward against his father by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Maryanne Trump Barry was found in her Manhattan home on Monday morning. No cause of death has yet been reported, but authorities noted they do not expect foul play.

After providing testimony, The Western Journal described as “vintage Trumpian bombast,” the former president’s son spoke with reporters.

Following the proceedings, Donald Jr. said, “The implications … for any businesses trying to operate in and around New York are truly staggering. … Where there is no actual person complaining other than the AG herself. It sets a precedent.”

As Don J. was preparing to leave the courthouse, a reporter yelled out: “Any comment about your aunt, sir?”

Those in attendance report noticing an immediate softening of demeanor as he considered responding to the unexpected question.

“Yeah. Obviously, a little bit of a rough day, but I still got to deal with this [civil suit]. You got to keep doing it.”

“That’s the nature of all this,” Don Jr. added, “But no, it’s a rough day for myself, my family. I was very close with, especially, her grandson, and it’s … at this stage in our lives, it’s just another day.”

The New York Times once referred to Judge Trump Barry as Donald Trump’s “protector,” but after negative comments about her brother were leaked to the media, their relationship soured.

In August 2020, The Washington Post reported that phone calls, secretly recorded and then leaked by Maryanne’s niece, revealed Maryanne calling her brother “cruel” and having “no principles.”

The former president has yet to comment on his sister’s death.

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