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Mark Meadows Told Me Trump Wasn’t Leaving the White House

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Alyssa Farah Griffin told her co-hosts Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that while working in the White House, she was told Donald Trump wasn’t going to leave after the 2020 election.

In a video interview with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office referencing social media staffer Dan Scavino, Trump’s former lawyer Jenna Ellis said, “He said the boss is not going to leave under any circumstances We are just going to stay in power.”

Griffin said, “Jenna Ellis was also continuing to lie about the election until this indictment came down and she decided to take a plea deal. Listen, I’m glad it’s happening because it means I think she’s going to prove to be a very important witness.”

She continued, “But what is wild about this clip is the language models something nearly identical to what then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said to me on December 3, 2020. I’d gone into his office to say that I was going to resign. I didn’t agree with what we were saying about the election result and the election being stolen. And he said, ‘Wait, what if I can tell you that we’re not leaving office?’ I shared that with federal investigators.”

Griffin added, “This proves what she’s saying, that the upper tier of the White House was actually trying to unlawfully and unconstitutionally hold on to power. I think Georgia has Donald Trump in a really tight spot. That’s the hardest one, I think, for him to get out of.”

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