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Megyn Kelly Slams Gavin Newsom for Cleaning Up San Francisco Just for China Dictator Xi: ‘It’s So Offensive’ (VIDEO)

During a recent episode of her podcast, Megyn Kelly ripped California Governor Gavin Newsom for cleaning up the city of San Francisco just because China’s Xi is visiting, a fact that he has openly admitted. Kelly noted what many people are saying, that Newsom doesn’t care about the American people …

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‘Loose’ Gov’t Spending Is ‘Holding up Interest Rates’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN International’s “Quest Means Business,” Professor of Economics at Harvard University and former International Monetary Fund Chief Economist Ken Rogoff said that while we’ve had tight monetary policy with extremely high interest rates, “our government spending fiscal policy is very loose,” and this loose fiscal policy is …

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House Passes Bill to Avert Government Shutdown

The House of Representatives passed a bill to avert a pre-holiday season government shutdown on Tuesday night along strong bipartisan lines. It passed 336 to 95, well over the two-thirds margin it needed to get the measure over the line. Just two Democrats voted against the bill, along with 93 Republicans. …

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