You Wont Believe the INSANE Thing Michael Moore Just Told Ivanka Trump to Do!

Have any of y’all every woken up in the morning and thought, “Man, that Michael Moore is the biggest, fattest, dumbest Liberal Piece O’ Shit that has ever been born!”?

Just in case you haven’t yet, you sure as hell will after reading what he just told Ivanka Trump to ask her dad.

Oh, and if that is not bad enough, he actually had the nerve to send her a “scripted intervention” to present to Donald.

Moore to Ivanka to say:

“Dad, I am deeply worried. You haven’t been yourself lately. The father I know is not a hater, not someone who encourages violence. Dad, you used to be A LIBERAL! Yes, I know they love it, the crowd goes wild. But not for YOU. They don’t love YOU. They love the show that you put on. I am asking you, right now, to give it up. To leave the race. Let that nice man from Indiana run things.”

So wait, does that mean the Michael Moore is actually endorsing Mike Pence for president now?

Well it must be considering a month ago Moore wrote a list of the 5 reasons that Donald Trump WILL beat Hillary Clinton. (H/T – CT)

Regardless, anyone who takes advice from a living piece of human garbage like Michael Moore does not have the right to call himself an American.

Hell, let’s show him how strong the Trump Train is and how much we really do love Donald Trump. Everyone who can should add the comment “My name is  __________ and I stand with Donald Trump” to the bottom of the article or on the Liberty Writers Facebook page.

Once Moore sees how many people Trump has on his side, I’m sure he will be shut up once and for all.


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