Wikileaks Just Exposed CNN’s Sick Crime & it’s Worse Than Anyone Could’ve Imagined. IT’S OVER!

It was reported late last night that CNN hunted down the anonymous internet user who created the funny Trump-CNN pro wrestling video, and threatened him. This viral video was made as a joke, but CNN has claimed that it “encourages violence” against reporters.

Once CNN found the creator of the video, they did something unthinkable. They reportedly threatened to reveal his identity if he did not comply with their demands. And that’s not all, look what Julian Assange just revealed.

CNN also wrote that if he publishes any “offending” videos in the future, they will publish his personal information. Soon after they said this, Julian Assange revealed that it is a CRIME to coerce a private citizen in this way. Here’s what he Tweeted:

SOURCE: Twitter

Assange also revealed that this is a FELONY act of speech suppression and a violation of this citizen’s 1st amendment right. Donald Trump Jr even Retweeted this story last night, saying that CNN is basically extorting a private citizen. WATCH this video exposing CNN’s sick crimes!


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