Why I Support Donald Trump

As a millennial and a strong supporter of Republican nominee Donald Trump, you can imagine the criticism I receive on a regular basis. Many people of all ages are baffled by the fact that I support Trump. I have been called racist, self-hating, coon, sellout, and so on—I’m sure you get the idea. I frequently receive nasty messages from people on Twitter who accuse me of not being who I say I am. On Dec. 21, 2015, I came home from a Trump rally with a Trump sign, and my mother was appalled.

Many people are shocked that I am a Republican and a Trump supporter because they are under the false impression that Trump is a racist and that Republicans are racist. They somehow think that ending illegal immigration and acknowledging crime amongst certain groups equates to racism. It does not.

I’m quite confused by people who label Republicans as racist. This accusation could not be more erroneous. The Republican Party was founded by anti-slavery activists. Republicans fought against Jim Crow laws and the KKK while Democrats supported them.

When I am condemned for supporting Trump and being a Republican, I remind people that Trump has employed tens of thousands of people from all different backgrounds while Hillary Clinton labeled African-Americans as “superpredators” and joked about “Colored People’s Time.” I am amazed that so many people believe every falsehood about Trump and yet they are incapable of believing the plethora of truths about Clinton.

In the end, there will always be people who don’t like the fact that I support Trump and the Republican Party. There will always be haters. All I can do is continue to defend and endorse what I believe in. I will never allow people to sway me from my political ideologies. I am proud to be a young Republican and I am proud to support Donald J. Trump. Long live the USA and let’s Make America Great Again!

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