Whoa! Trump Walked On Stage An Hour Ago And Made Matt Lauer Cry With Only 5 Words

During the Commander in Chief Forum on NBC today, moderator Matt Lauer got hit with the inconvenient truth about how Hillary is the #1 reason that ISIS has gotten bigger and more threatening.

But, the mainstream media is trying to cover for her. That’s why we need every single patriot to share what Trump said next.

Watch what Trump says next.



Trump wants to bring our military back. We can’t keep on giving all of our resources away to Arab nations after we waste trillions of dollars going to war. We should have taken the oil in Iraq.

Watch Hillary Clinton lie right to the face of the American people.

Trump will make the military great again. Take a look at this question that he answered about allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the U.S.

“I could see myself working that out, absolutely,” he said Wednesday in New York at the “Commander in Chief Forum” hosted by NBC. “Military is a very special thing.

Source: libertywritersnews.com

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