Whoa! CIA Director Shocks Hillary And Obama And Makes This Stunning Announcement About Trump!

Oh my god, CIA director killed Obama and Hillary with a stunning revelation – ISIS is not dead, is not weak, and is going to hit America home land!

This is lethal blow for Obama and Hillary’s political carriers, they are DONE!

According to Yes I’m Right:

” Liberals called Donald Trump a racist for saying that we need to end the immigration of unchecked Muslim refugees from war-torn places like Syria. They called him insensitive and Islamophobic. Well, as it turns out, he couldn’t have been more right, as evidenced by the director of the CIA confirming that Trump’s plan was right all along.

You see, Obama isn’t a very effective President, no matter what liberals will tell you. The economy has had the slowest recovery in decades, racial tensions have never been higher, and our rights are eroding as we speak because the coward-in-chief himself is more concerned about taking vacations than he is protecting the country from threats foreign and domestic.

That all ended today, when his own administration couldn’t cover for him anymore and released the ugly truth – refugees are dangerous.
According to Fox News, CIA Director John Brennan, in a chilling warning on the Islamic State’s growing influence, told lawmakers Thursday that U.S.-led efforts to strike at the terror group have not hampered its “terrorism capability and global reach” – a message

Source: jewsnews.co.il

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