Whoa! Ben Carson Just Delivered Epic SMACKDOWN on Sharia Loving Muslims, Trump is Partying!

Ben Carson is a black version of Donald Trump. Both are very successful very smart and very BRAVE AND DIRECT!

That’s why they are close friends and political allies these days! That should not surprise anyone, we are not, we expected these great man to work together.

Look what he just said about radical Islam in US, you will be surprised by his bravery and wisdom.

According to Liberty Writers:

” Ben Carson is 2 things. He is an incredibly talented neurosurgeon and about as straight of a straight shooter as you can get.

That’s why there was absolutely no mincing of words when he said what we are all thinking: Muslims who practice Sharia Law can NEVER integrate into Western Society.

Oh, and they are all SCHIZOPHRENIC!


Dr. Carson was asked by a reporter:

“Do you think that Muslims that are Shariah-adherent can … integrate into a society where you have the rule of law and … a federal system?”

That’s when he dropped this epic response (and threw in a bit of Wisdom from the Great American President, Teddy Roosevelt).

“Only if they’re schizophrenic. don’t see how they could do it otherwise, because you have two different philosophies warring at you. …
So, no. That would be very difficult. That’s why Teddy Roosevelt said what he said. He said you’re welcome to come here from any place and [practice] any religion as long as you accept our ways and want to be an American. If you don’t, then stay where you are.”

Now, do not confuse this with an absolute hate for Islam. Similar to my own religion of Judaism, Islam IS a religion of power and domination IF you are dumb enough to take every single word of it seriously.

In the modern world, we have to remember that Democratic Law ALWAYS trumps religious laws.

“If you accept all the components of Islam, including Shariah, it is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of domination.”

Of course, you can bet your bottom that the CAIR terror group will attack Ben Carson, just like they did when he said, “I would NOT advocate putting a Muslim in charge of this nation.” They claimed he was being unconstitutional with a “religious restriction” on presidency when in reality he was simply saying HE would not support a Muslim president.

Look, Dr. Carson is 100% right that Sharia and US law cannot coexist. American law is the supreme law of the land and EVERYONE in this country agrees to follow it by living here. There are ZERO exceptions.

This is America. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! The idea of America where large fundamentalist groups of Muslims are going to respect this country and tradition and civilization is real science fiction!

Only assimilation to American values is going to save America! Everything else will be potential conflict under the rag waiting to explode any moment!

Many scholars are right when they say that Muslims are fanatics who believe in jihad – holy war for religious purposes and if they die in that war they will be in heaven with dozen of virgins?!?!

With these people America will never be great, let be honest about this.

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Source: guerilla.news 

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