White House Shocks With Massive Announcement About Malia… They Have No Shame

For the majority of their time in the White House, Michelle and Barack Obama have done everything they can to keep their daughters, Sasha and Malia, out of the public eye.

Despite their best efforts, Malia has made headlines recently for her rebellious behavior. And both daughters have gained public attention for their lavish lifestyle, world travels and expensive private school. Now, it appears the two girls will be acting as bridesmaids when Michelle Obama’s ex-chief-of-staff Kristen Jarvis marries Barack Obama’s former Secret Service agent.

The wedding will take place in November at the Bellevue Conference Center, just 30 minutes from the White House.

Michelle will also attend the wedding. Jarvis is close to the family, any even says she developed a “big sister/little sister relationship” with the Obama girls.

“If you know me, you know my love for this chica right here,” Jarvis said when she announce Sasha, 15, as one of her bridesmaids. “I’ve known Sasha since she was three years old, and I couldn’t be more proud of the young woman she has become. She has had to endure more than most will in a lifetime, and she has handled life thus far with such grace and humility.”

Jarvis also added that Sasha is “one of the sweetest and down-right coolest people” she has never known.

18-year-old Malia has also been asked to be a bridesmaid, but she did not get the same glowing review Sasha did.

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