While liberals FREAK about Melania, LOOK what we caught Obama doing… – VIDEO

Melania’s alleged act of plagiarism in her speech last night at the Republican National Convention quickly became the biggest story of the night. While the Trump campaign said Melania wrote much of the speech herself, RNC chairReince Priebus suggested a speechwriter who helped her should be punished for lifting part of the speech from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 DNC.

My colleague, Michelle Jesse, pointed out that ironically Michelle Obama was called out for lifting part of her own 2008 speech, and as we both noted earlier, Vice President Joe Biden had to drop out of the race for the presidency back in 1988 due to his own plagiarism scandal.

Michelle isn’t the only Obama to have been accused of plagiarism — and in the case of her husband, the evidence couldn’t be any more clear. Watch for yourself how Obama “borrowed” the words of Deval Patrick, former governor of Massachusetts, who also served as the United States assistant attorney general for the civil rights division under President Bill Clinton.

Source: www.allenbwest.com

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