What Nasty Michelle Just Did Will Make You Puke, She’s At It Again

Americans are still breathing a deep sigh of relief that weak liberal President Barack Hussein Obama is no longer in office and, better yet, that Hillary Clinton did not replace him in the White House.

As much as Americans despised Barack Obama, they may have hated his graceless, nasty First Lady Michelle Obama even more. Many Americans were hoping she would finally just fade from view and leave us alone, but it looks like she’s at it again.

Michelle Obama deeply angered schoolchildren, parents, school staff and teachers alike with the disgusting school lunches she forced children in public schools to eat. That failed completely, but Michelle Obama evidently still hasn’t given up her crusade.

In the latest move in her crusade to make children eat food they hate, Michelle will now be appearing on the television show MasterChef Junior as a guest judge. The competition reality TV show features chef Gordon Ramsey critiquing children on the food they prepare for themselves.

With Michelle as “judge,” can you already guess what kind of food Michelle will make fun of children for making? It’s inevitable that Michelle Obama is going to slip her own personal agenda into her judging of the food these kids will eat. Why is this obsessive woman so hell-bent on making mealtime miserable for America’s children?

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