What Malia Obama Just Got Caught Doing Humiliated Barack, It’s So Shameful [Details]

Former President Barack Obama and former First “Lady” Michelle’s oldest daughter Malia has always been talked up by Obama’s friendly liberal media as being the perfect classy, studious daughter. After all, with her father’s help, the entitled Malia gained acceptance to Harvard University.

However, the real stories that have leaked out about Malia in the non-establishment, underground press have painted a far different picture. According to some photos taken, she is seen smoking something that could be an illegal substance. Now she was just spotted doing something far worse.

The privileged Malia is currently taking a “gap year” before enrolling at Harvard this September, and has been up to no good. Instead of trying to be a role model, Malia was sighted at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah rallying with liberal radicals to try to stop President Trump’s plans to build the job-creating Dakota Access pipeline.

Malia, whose parents are multimillionaire former corporate lawyers, stood together with people who screamed while holding signs that read “Impeach Corporate Control” and “Exist.Resist. Rise.” Deranged multimillionaire actress Shailene Woodley saw Obama’s daughter there and said, “It was amazing to see Malia. I saw her last night when we did the event with Chairman Dave Archambault. And it was incredible to see her there.”

She added, “Also, to witness a human being and a woman coming into her own outside of her family and outside of the attachments that this country has on her, but someone who’s willing to participate in democracy because she chooses to, because she recognizes, regardless of her last name, that if she doesn’t participate in democracy, there will be no world for her future children.” Do you think it’s shameful for the former President’s daughter to be engaging in activities like this?

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