‘What A Bunch Of Crap’ Ben Carson Destroys The New York Times Trump Slander [Video]

Ben Carson, like many of us are tired of the constant slander against Trump. The New York Times released a hit piece on Trump. Ben Carson came to the rescue.

“Obviously, a week or two ago when I said that the tape, the Billy Bush tape was not going to be the last thing. That there would be new things each week and they would parcel them out to keep the spotlight on Trump because they don’t want to deal with the issues. This is exactly what’s happening,” said Carson to Fox and friends.

“There’s an atmosphere that’s been created by the New York Times and others that says look, if you’re willing to come out and say something, we’ll give you fame, we’ll give you whatever you need… what a bunch of crap,” said Carson. Check out the video below.

Via: conservative101.com

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