Emanuel Rahm Faces Major Welfare Scandal

Obama’s friends aren’t having the time of their lives, and now it’s time for Rahm Emanuel to learn his lesson. The Chicago major was the first to defend immigrants, and we all know that his attitude was a vain effort to bash President Donald Trump.

Emanuel has just started a campaign that supports refugees, and his program has the only goal to include these people in the welfare system. “One Chicago” is supposed to ease access of public services to immigrants, including both legal and illegal immigrants.

“One Chicago is more than a campaign; it is a statement of faith. Chicago, like America, is not just a place on a map, but a set of ideals and values carried on through generations of immigrants, migrants, and refugees who came to Chicago in search of a better life for themselves and their families,” explained the Chicago major.

Emanuel’s campaign opened a city legal defense fund for immigrants, and it will ensure that they get a lawyer whenever needed. This includes cases of deportation orders. Illinois has high taxes, and now we know the final destination of all the money people work for. The citizens of Chicago will actually work to keep these immigrants protected.

President Donald Trump has been fighting to get these illegals out of our country, but Emanuel and other majors are giving their best to provide a comfy shelter to immigrants. We believe that he won’t obey President Trump, but karma will definitely take care of him.

But, Emanuel has a few people on his side, and they’re willing to proceed with their sanctuary city thing. We can only wait to see the end of their nonsense.

What do you think about Emanuel’s pro-immigration scandal? Do you think he will keep protecting illegal immigrants? What will President Trump do now?


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