Welfare Recipients Are FURIOUS After Receiving This Devastating News

According to recent reports, Massachusetts has just voted to start a pilot program that will use fingerprints to verify welfare recipients in an attempt to lessen fraud.

Welfare crime has been abundant in the state, with a recent adult revealing that millions of dollars have been given as “questionable benefits.” And more than $2.39 million dollars was distributed to the deceased.

Republic Brad Jones proposed the initiative in attempt to save the state millions of dollars.

The program will allow officials to crosscheck recipients with their enrollment, and once again establish the seriousness of welfare fraud, which is an offense that could land you 10 years in prison.

The initiative unanimously passed in the Massachusetts house in a 158-0 vote. It has received overwhelming support from the community as well.

“A lot of people need it and some people take advantage,” Evelyn Valley of Massachusetts told reporters. “I think fingerprinting and drug testing too, anything they can do to get those people out who abuse the system.”

What do you think of the proposal? Do you support fingerprinting welfare recipients? Do they need to be held accountable for their actions?

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