WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! Look What Ann Coulter Just Said About Trump That Is Diving Libs Mad

So I y’all are ready to be shocked. I mean, if you are reading something with Ann Coulter and Donald Trump in the title, you should have SOME idea what to expect.

Although nothing could prepare you for Coulter’s most recent “word art.”

Ann Coulter wrote on her blog that

I know that rape is a scary sounding word, but that is exactly what they are doing to him.

Miss Coulter goes on to explain:

“There’s no strategy for overcoming this level of media hostility. Trump has made some mistakes during this campaign, but he hasn’t done anything wrong for months now. He could say ‘yes,’ and the media would change the question to, ‘Are you a child molester?’

The media is constantly blaming and ruthlessly attacking Donald Trump for all kinds of things. They love to twist his words and blow tiny things out of proportion.

But as Ann says, the media alone is not to blame.

“Craven Republicans who blame Trump for the media’s lies may as well blame a rape victim for wearing a short skirt. Except with Trump, it’s the Muslim standard: They’re blaming a woman’s rape on being a woman.” (H/T – The Hill)

Exactly. The Republicans will be just as responsible or even more so for Trump getting elected or not as the Democrats will.

We need to unite behind Trump and find a way to work together. Otherwise, Clinton gets 2-3 Supreme Court Justices and can basically do ANYTHING she wants with the country.

If you agree with Ann Coulter then help get her message out. I know we all got at least 1 or 2 friends who need to hear it. Trump is counting on you!

Source: libertywritersnews.com

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