WATCH: Usain Bolt Teaches Reporter EPIC Lesson About Respect for America… 200k People Share Video

Many liberals, including the columnists at Vox, could learn a thing or two from Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who during the London 2012 Summer Olympics halted his interview with a Spanish reporter to stand in silent respect as the American national anthem was played in the background.

Imagine that: The man represented another country, yet he still found it in his heart to show America courtesy and respect.

Bolt even asked the reporter to be respectful of the moment, as well.

In contrast, the columnists at Vox ought to put their heads down in utter shame. Last Friday, Vox columnist Todd VanDerWerff penned a ludicrous piece slamming NBC’s coverage of the Olympics for being too pro-American.

“NBC continues to value American success stories over almost anything else,” he wrote, according toNewsBusters. “Frequently, the only non-Americans we see compete in events like gymnastics are those who have direct bearing on NBC’s US-centric narrative.”

Yes, heaven forbid that an American news broadcaster focus its attention on American athletes …


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