WATCH: Trump’s Daughter Surprises This Truck Driver When She Takes Video Of His Rig…And Donald Posts It

Donald Trump has been getting his fair share of support plastered across vehicles recently as his fans make their choice for president loud and clear.

Earlier this week, a pricey, high-horsepower Lamborghini called the “Trumpventador” — wrapped in patriotic colors and Trump slogans — made its way around the nation’s capital, even stopping by what the billionaire businessman hopes will soon be his home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

On Thursday, one truck driver got the surprise of his life when Trump’s daughter Ivanka caught his 18-wheeler on camera as it made its way through the crowded streets of Manhattan. The Donald then posted the video of this memorable hometown encounter on his Facebook page:

Adorning the big rig were painted images of the American flag and pro-U.S. sayings such as “Freedom Isn’t Free,” “Respect is Earned, Not Demanded,” and Under This Flag, Americans Died for America.”

The tractor-trailer — which hailed from Bolus Truck Parts and Towing in Scranton, Pennsylvania — served as a giant homemade campaign sign for the real estate tycoon reading “Trump for President” and “The Donald for President.”

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