WATCH: Trump Says Clinton’s Mishandling Of Classified Material Makes Her ‘Unfit To Be Our Commander In Chief’

GOP nominee Donald Trump delivered a major address on National Security in Philadelphia on Wednesday. During the speech, which was delivered tot he Union League of Philadelphia, the New York real estate mogul took aim at Hillary Clinton, declaring the former Secretary of State “unfit for office” due to her mishandling of classified information.

“Hillary Clinton is just reckless – so reckless, in fact, she put her emails on an illegal server that our enemies could easily hack,” Trump declared. “Then Clinton’s team used a technology called bleachbit to acid wash her emails. They even took a hammer to some of her 13 phones, to cover her tracks and obstruct justice. These email records were destroyed after she received a subpoena to turn them over.”

“She can’t even remember whether she was trained in classified information, and said she didn’t even know the letter ‘C’ means confidential,” Trump added. “If she can’t remember such crucial events and information, she is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Trump also took aim at Clinton’s performance as Secretary of State, calling her foreign policy experience a “failure.”

Let’s look back at the Middle East at the very beginning of 2009, before Hillary Clinton was sworn-in.

Libya was stable.

Syria was under control.

Egypt was ruled by a secular President and an ally of the United States.

Iraq was experiencing a reduction in violence. The group that would become what we now call ISIS was close to being extinguished.

Iran was being choked off by economic sanctions.

Fast-forward to today. What have the decisions of Obama-Clinton produced?

Libya is in ruins, our ambassador and three other brave Americans are dead, and ISIS has gained a new base of operations.

Syria is in the midst of a disastrous civil war. ISIS controls large portions of territory. A refugee crisis now threatens Europe and the United States. And hundreds of thousands are dead.

In Egypt, terrorists have gained a foothold in the Sinai desert, near the Suez Canal, one of the most essential waterways in the world.

Iraq is in chaos, and ISIS is on the loose.

ISIS has spread across the Middle East, and into the West.

Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, is now flush with $150 billion dollars in cash released by the United States – plus another $1.7 billion dollars in cash ransom payments. In other words, our country was blackmailed and extorted into paying this unheard-of amount of money.

Take a look at Trump saying Clinton’s mishandling of classified material makes her ‘unfit to be our commander in chief”:


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