WATCH – Trump Posts THIS Video to Embarrass Obama, Nearly 1,000,000 Have Watched!

One of my favorite things, or should I say the most ridiculous things, is the quick pivot people make after attacking someone and calling them out. We saw it with Fiorina, who despised Cruz, but then suddenly became his running mate. And now…

We are seeing it Obama and Hillary. When he was running against her in 2008, he ripped her about her pro-gun stance, even calling her Annie Oakley at one point, and now he is telling us she is the woman for the job!

Now, because she has been forced so far left by Bernie, a once middle of the road Democrat is about as far left as she can go! She has gone from wanting to protect the second amendment to putting it into the paper shredder the moment she gets into the White House!

Now, politicians sometimes pivot, I get it, but there has to be come core beliefs that hold true throughout their career.

We have published several Trump videos over the last few weeks covering a variety of different points in his life. While he has had some position changes, his core beliefs have never waned.

Now, if you look at Hillary and her earlier days, she is a completely different candidate, and for one reason only… to get votes.

You see, Donald Trump is a conservative candidate middle of the road Democrats can get behind. They may not agree with us on some issues, but on core values, such as our Constitutional rights and less government, they are actually more right than left.

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