WATCH – Trump-Hating THUGS Do UNTHINKABLE to Air Force Heroes. Disgusting!

Barack Obama’s presidency has entrenched a deep culture of disrespect among Liberals. Apparently, this extends to our heroes.

At Trump’s Inauguration, protesters made a human wall and would not let a group of Air Force officers through. 


This crowd displayed a disgusting amount of disrespect not just for two heroic veterans, but for the rights of private citizens to disagree with them.
Who do they think they are– blocking people from attending the inauguration of the President?

You know what I can respect here? No matter how infuriating the situation must have been to these veterans, they simply moved on and found another entrance.
They did not react in anger or otherwise behave like a bunch of liberal, spoiled brats. These heroes have more patience than most.

The protesters failed in their goals, however. Plenty of people attended and enjoyed the inauguration. Sure, Liberals, resort to acts of civil disobedience. All you’re demonstrating is that you really are as childish and self-absorbed as we all thought you were.
If liberals were so bent on changing their country, then they should do it the smart way: they should vote. By continuing to protest, they are just ensuring that Trump is going to be a two-term president. We’re tired of these shenanigans, and we will always vote against them!

Besides you can bet your bottom dollar if this were conservatives disrespecting a group, it would be all over the news. When it’s liberals, we hear nary a peep from the news media. I wonder why?

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