Watch This BLACK CELEBRITY Reveal How Trump Will CRUSH Hillary With Black Vote!

Donald Trump has had an amazing week. He has made several amazing speeches made to reach out to African-American voters. C’mon we need you guys on the Trump Train. Leave the chains of the Democratic party behind.

Trump is right. Under Democratic leadership Black Americans are worse off now then they were 8 years ago. Look at race relations right now. Rioting in several inner cities. That’s because just like us. They don’t have much else left to lose.

Watch conservative talk show host James Harris stress that Trump is right. Look how terrible things are for many Americans right now. Trump is going to take the black vote from Clinton – by earning it.

Trump’s outreach is stunning political pundits. Several of them have said that if Trump sticks with his message that he will in over a huge swath of black voters that don’t want handouts anymore and want a hand up.

It is sickening to all true Americans that the current Democratic administration has betrayed this country.


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