WATCH: Ted Cruz Takes the Mic at Gorsuch Hearing, Drops BOMB on Hypocrite Dems for All to See…

Neil Gorsuch is one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees we have seen in recent history.

There’s no reasonable justification for voting against him.

But, it has been well established that the Democrats in D.C. are far from reasonable.

Ted Cruz knows what the deal is and he let everyone know it in a pretty awesome way today during the opening day of Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing.

Gotta love Ted.

Any Democrat that makes a stink during this hearing is doing a disservice to their constituents and to their country in general.

There has been nothing in Gorsuch’s record over the past 10 years that should change how Dems feel about him.

In fact, they should feel even better about him.

Let’s see if Democrats can actually get past their uninformed hatred of Trump for once.

H/T Right Scoop

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