WATCH: NBC Baits Trump Fans on Islam, Gets OWNED by Elderly Trump Voter

The mainstream media have focused this election season on tearing down GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in a every way possible. They must advance the narrative the Trump is a bigoted, racist, homophobe in order to drum up support for their candidate, Hillary Clinton, because she has absolutely no redeeming qualities of her own.

What the media is finding out, however, is that educated voters aren’t falling for it.

While hoping to find some Trump supporters disenchanted at the controversies swirling around Trump and his statements about Khizr Khan, veterans or Muslims at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, one NBC reporter discovered that would be more difficult than it sounded.
One by one, Trump supporters defended Trump and explained their opinions articulately.

One supporter explained that Khan was “very cruel” to Trump in his speech at the Democratic national Convention and said Trump isn’t against the military or the Khans, but that he is against Islamist terrorists coming into the country.

Another supporter accused the news media of lying “constantly,” while another man accused Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and the media of distorting the issue.


Looks like the media came up rather empty-handed during this quest to find Trump supporters who believe Trump might have taken things too far with his response to Khan’s remarks. What they discovered instead is that many of Trump’s supporters are educated on the issues and well aware of the media’s bias toward the left and its glaring hypocrisy.

It must make them sad to know that voters are getting sick and tired of the repeated attacks against Trump while Clinton gets a pass on everything.



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