WATCH – Nancy Pelosi LOSES IT On Camera, Goes Nuts

Rumors are really flying about Pelosi and her mental faculties these days. If she keeps doing what she did during her last appearance, they will not die down anytime soon.

While speaking to Families USA on Friday, Nancy Pelosi misspoke three different times and then told the confused crowd to applaud her very odd speech…

These were not things you could easily confuse or things that could be twisted by the media either. They were just awful and unexplainable errors that could point to a real problem.

For instance, she used recanting instead of recounting… words that are not even close in meaning.

She called Martin Luther King, Martin Luther Sing! If that was just a momentary slip-up, why didn’t she immediately correct herself?

Her final mistake in the brief speech was calling John Kasich the governor of Illinois. Can she no longer remember who people are anymore?

It appears as though the crowd there was just as confused as we were by her mistakes because they sat silently, not applauding at all, because she simply was not making any sense.

This happened several times during her speech, and she seemed to get a bit upset with the crowd because they were not picking up their cues to applaud. As one of Trump’s most vocal critics, Pelosi needs be razor sharp, and she has been anything but. She is a typical old-guard politician who is out for only one thing — protecting her paycheck.

The media continue to rip Trump by actually twisting his words to get the meaning they want, yet they let these blatant slips by Pelosi go unchecked.

Much like Hillary during the presidential election, Pelosi is proving she is unfit for office and needs to be removed. She has no place in the government of We the People!

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