WATCH – Muslims LOSE IT After School Says, “No Sharia in America!” Support the School?

It’s not a surprise that Muslim migrants believe they should get special treatment in every aspect of their lives. After all, the liberals seem to agree.

The Muslim community located in Jersey City wanted the schools in the area to close for a religious Muslim holiday, which was only six days away, but the school denied their demands. I say good for them!

Previously, the school board was considering closing the schools on behalf of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha. Every member of the board even supported the decision to close the schools.

However, the Jewish community vastly opposed this, and this swayed the school board to change its decision. Members of the Jewish community said that because the schools were not closing for their holidays, including Yom Kippur, they could not close for another religion’s holidays. If you close for one, you have to close for all, and that’s just too many days off.

Schools that aren’t Catholic don’t close for Good Friday because it is a purely religious holiday. The point is there are several religions whose important days are overlooked by school systems. Asking them to only recognize a certain one is very bigoted and can cause a huge upset.

Muslims around the world may not separate church from state, but we do in America. The liberals are quick to point this out to Christians, but somehow they change their minds when dealing with a different religion.

So, our children are not allowed to hold prayer circles in schools because it’s “offensive,” but we have to close down our schools for Muslim holidays? Is this really the argument they want to try?

Interestingly, there wasn’t a single anti-religion group voicing their opinions about the original plan to close the schools for the Muslim holiday. I guess the only faith non-religious groups have a problem with is Christianity.

The American people shouldn’t have to cater to the every whim of Muslim migrants. It is they who have to adjust to our way of doing things. They already get enough handouts from the “sympathetic left,” who use everyone’s tax dollars to do so.

I’m surprised Obama didn’t schedule a huge speech surrounded by crowds and cameras with a solemn face, crowing on and on about how “disappointed” he was in the American people and their lack of compassion for an Islamic holiday.

Well, no one should be getting special treatment over others in this country. If you want to recognize religious holidays in the privacy of your own home, you have every right to, but our institutions cannot cater to you. Did you forget we’re the melting pot?

And if you really can’t stand the way the school system works, you always have the choice to home-school your children. Enough is enough, people — stop catering to just one religion!

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