WATCH: Muslim Democrat Calls for IMPEACHMENT of Trump. What’s Your Response?

Democrats continue to try to rip apart this country and discredit Trump’s presidency, but now they are sinking to all-time lows and exposing themselves in the process.

Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison is openly calling for the impeachment of Trump with what may be the most hypocritical of arguments…

Donald Trump was a very successful businessman prior to accepting his role as our president. Even though he has turned control of those businesses over to his children, they are all still operating.

Ellison is trying to make the argument that Trump should be impeached because he is accepting money from foreign governments through his oversees properties in the way of business income.

He goes on to say that no president should benefit financially from holding the office as it ruins the integrity of the office.

The problem with Ellison’s argument is twofold. First, Trump is not in violation of any laws or breaking the Constitution by having his children operate his businesses.

Trump has the luxury of having people in place to take over his business whereas some presidents before him did not and had to put their businesses into a blind trust. It is just good business sense to remove yourself from the business and allow your family to run it if they are capable rather than putting the business into a trust.

Second, there is nothing Trump can do about name recognition, but there is something that can be done about Hillary Clinton giving $500,000 speeches to buy influence with the secretary of defense.

If we go back and look at the massive amounts of money the Clintons were paid either directly or indirectly when Hillary was secretary of state and when Bill was the president, we can see that the integrity of the office hasn’t been an issue for Democrats for a long time.

It is a pretty bold stance for Ellison to pretend that Donald Trump is in the wrong here. He is actually raising standards for presidents, both in financial integrity and being true to one’s promises to We the People.

On the other hand, million dollar checks were written for the Clinton Foundation by foreign dignitaries when the Clintons were in office, but I don’t hear Ellison talking about that at all… just saying.

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