WATCH: MSNBC Guest Blames REAGAN for This Monumental Obama Screw-Up

A guest on MSNBC actually blamed Ronald Reagan for an Obama screw-up as if Obama had no fault at all. This is ludicrous.

On Friday morning, MSNBC aired an interview with author Hillary Mann Leverett. What she had to say aboutRonald Reagan is both untrue and extremely offensive.

Everett stated that the late president — a man who left office more than a quarter-century ago — was the one truly responsible for the $400 million ransom payment the Obama administration paid to Iran.

The payment itself has been under scrutiny as of late, with most conservatives saying that it was a ransom payment for Americans detained in Iran, while other news sources are claiming that the payment is a settlement for a deal s back in sidetracked by the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

However, Leverett took this debate to a whole other level when she accused Ronald Reagan of being the culprit and the one at fault for such a huge payout.

“It’s really a critical point, and, right now, the idea that it’s ransom is really taking hold, but there is the other narrative, that this was brilliant diplomacy, and you can contrast it with some obvious facts,” she stated.

She then attempted to state this facts by saying that the “idea that the Obama administration paid ransom here is something political opponents are using against the administration, and the administration just isn’t defending itself.”

Or maybe the Obama administration isn’t aren’t defending itself because it knows the truth… that it was a ransom payment and in return detained Americans will be released.

However, Leverett continued on stating that the payment “was part of a settlement. It was a settlement in fact that the Reagan administration really brought about by issuing an executive order.”

Watch the insane video below. (Excuse the lefty text at the beginning. Mediaite is the liberal website that posted it on YouTube.)

So what she is really saying is that it is Reagan’s fault that Obama had to spend a large portion of this country’s budget. Right… because that makes total sense.



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