WATCH – Mike Pence Stuns Media With Announcement About Donald J. Trump

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to reporters on Thursday about the final days of the Trump transition process. And he had some great news!

Pence announced that as the transition is coming to an end, they are both “on schedule” and “under budget.” They will be returning 20 percent of taxpayer dollars to the U.S. Treasury.

They accomplished this because Donald Trump is a shrewd businessman who knows how to allocate his funds successfully. President Obama did not know the first thing about the word “budget.”

That’s why our national debt is trillions of dollars. When Obama took over as president, the national debt was at $10.6 trillion. And now it’s at around $20 trillion. That’s right—he has doubled our national debt over the last eight years, via Fox News Insider.

The previous national debt took decades upon decades to amass, but Obama managed to spend that same amount in as little as eight years. This number is impossible to fathom—even one trillion boggles the mind. And it weighs heavy on the head of every American.

So, it’s heartening to see that Donald Trump has stayed under budget.

This is just the beginning of the good things that Donald Trump is going to do as the president of the United States. He’s going to correct the mistakes Obama has inflicted on this country and usher us into a new, successful era.

Donald Trump is going to improve our communities, provide for our veterans, create new jobs, and, hopefully, lower our national debt while he’s at it since, one day, the debt collector is going to be knocking on the door.

After today, Donald Trump’s first 100 days will begin, and good things are going to be coming down the drainpipe. Maybe that will be enough to dislodge the stick up the rears of the liberals who refuse to see any good in Trump or Pence.

But I am glad I voted for them and glad that my vote and the votes of the American people determined who won the presidential race. Now, Trump will be bringing success and vitality to this country after the poor leadership of the Democrats. Make America Great Again!

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