WATCH – Latina EXPLAINS Her Trump Endorsement In Just 40 Seconds – It’s Going Viral!!

Donald Trump has been garnering support from some rather surprising places, including people from many different ethnic groups. One Latina woman explained why, and she only needed less than a minute to do it…

The crux of her argument for the real estate billionaire was that her needs are no different than any other American’s needs just because she is of a different ethnic group.


To start with, this young Latina American understands that a strong and competent United States begins with having a solid economy. In a word: jobs. There nothing like more jobs in an area in order to cure many of the social problems a community might face. Like many other Americans, she has come to a stunning realization: entitlements simply do not work.

Another area where she feels right at home with Donald Trump would be with national security. Although she didn’t delineate on this, you can bet your bottom dollar she would not be comfortable with Hillary’s plan to let in hundreds of thousands of undocumented Syrian immigrants.

She also capped off her support of Donald Trump with an interesting statement:

“I want to return to We The People where they work for us and not the other way around.”

Perhaps the best part of her brief, 40-second video might be the ending parts, where she puts the onus back where it belongs, squarely in the laps of Hillary supporters. “Before you ask how I, a Latina-American, can vote for Trump, ask yourself how you, a sane American, can vote for Hillary.”


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