WATCH: Joy Behar Says Trump “Needs to Be Impeached!” What’s YOUR Response?

There are still celebrities who know nothing about politics spouting nonsense in regard to President Trump. How are they still on the air?

They all doubted that Trump even had a chance to get near the presidency, and now that he is in power, they are still doubting him. Recently on The View, co-host Joy Behar had a temper tantrum and demanded that our president be impeached because he is standing up to our enemies.

Can you believe this? She thinks that because President Trump is not allowing us to be bullied any longer by the likes of North Korea that he needs to be impeached. This is something Obama was too afraid to do while lunatic dictators were launching ballistic missile tests during his presidency.

President Trump is going to protect this country from attack, and he will do what is necessary to achieve this.

Behar seems afraid that President Trump may use nuclear weapons as if he doesn’t know what he is doing. President Trump is one of the smartest men in the country, so to say he doesn’t understand the risks is a gross misjudgment on her part.

He knows what troubles we could face if we allow our enemies to continue nuclear testing, so he is going to keep a very close eye on them.

If they step across the line in a significant way, it won’t take long for us to step in. As Trump told China the other day, they need to take care of North Korea “or we will,” via The Angry Patriot.

The process of making America great again involves ensuring that our country is kept secure from outside threats. By securing our southern border as well as our immigration policies, Trump is making this place a lot safer.

Liberals can keep crying about his policies and the decisions he makes while he is busy protecting this country. All they do is sit on their high horses discussing ridiculous hypothetical situations that are never going to happen.

These people need to get a grip and realize that not everything revolves around them.

The Democrats got demolished in the recent election for a good reason: people are sick and tired of their constant moaning. We don’t care how “famous” you are — grow up or shut up.


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