WATCH – Journalist Drops Bombshell Video, Confirms Hillary Committed THIS Federal Crime

Project Veritas has just released the much anticipated third video in its undercover series to expose the political corruption in the DNC.

After the first two videos, one person stepped down and another was fired, and now this one reveals just what Hillary knew about the campaign law violations occurring…

According to the report, it was initially Hillary Clinton literally wanting ducks on the ground.

The ducks, as you may recall, were people in hats, costumes, etc… to give the impression that Donald Trump was “ducking” certain issues during the campaign.

After the initial tapes came out, Brad Woodhouse issues a statement and fired Foval and said Mr. Foval did not represent the organization (Americans United for Change).

However, in this latest video, it is Woodhouse giving orders that both Foval and Creamer repeated in the videos.

Not only that, but Creamer specifically goes over demands as to what Hillary Clinton personally wanted to have happen with the duck costumes and Donald Trump.

Foval later states the exact message that will concentrated on at each event must be approved by the DNC itself. While Woodhouse tried to give the impression Foval was acting as some rogue agent, this video more than proves he was being given direction from Woodhouse himself.

Someone else implicated in the video is Donna Brazile, who is now serving at the Interim DNC chair. She has already stated she, nor Hillary, had nothing to do with this, but again, the video proves her to be lying.

One of the reasons the ducks were dropped into the Americans United for Change entity was because there was some rift between Brazile and ABC, who owns the rights through Disney of Donald Duck.

This is actually a campaign law violation. The DCN cannot coordinate efforts with third party groups, which they were clearly doing in this case. When Jenna Price, the DNC Assistant Press Secretary was asked why the DNC was no longer taking credit for the Ducks, she obviously knew this, stating, “Just cause there were issues. It’s like a whole long story, ask Bob [Creamer] about it.”

The violence issue was also addressed at these meetings, as they openly talk about the violence expected to happen to the person wearing the duck suit. Foval himself talked about almost getting punched when wearing the suit.

As James O’Keefe states at the end of the video, “The connection between Creamer, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton is undeniable. As are the campaign law violations.”

Once again, Hillary is guilty of breaking a law for a power grab. She is a criminal, and needs to be behind bars, plain and simple.


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