WATCH John Voight Just BEATDOWN Mainstream Media, Trump is Smiling

Hell yeah! You gotta love when a mega star like John Voight puts his career on the line just to prove his support for Donald Trump.

This time, Voight is pissed off and on a rampage. He saw how the Liberal media treated Trump after his comment on 2nd Amendment people voting against Hillary, and now he has his own words for them.

John Voight is the man! He is dead right. The media just blows everything Trump says out of proportion to make him seem like a monster.

Plus this is a pretty solid endorsement:

“He’s a terrific guy. I know him personally. He’s got a good sense of humor. He’s off-the-cuff. He’s a lot of fun.”

And then when the reporter tries to suggest Voight is saying its okay to joke about “assassinating” a candidate, he lays into him extra hard with one fact the reporter wants us all to forget:


Of course the liberal “reporter” showed his true colors once he realized he was not gonna beat the A-lister. He asked Voight if Trump’s words were just a “Dog Whistle” to rile up conservatives.

Of course Voight had none of this nonsense.

Liberals are seriously incapable of seeing why we don’t want to sit down for a discussion with them about anything.

Conservatives are open to new ideas and suggestions. We always have been. We just want a rational conversation and not to be yelled at or attacked during it.

So please do your part to support Trump by sharing John Voight’s message on your Facebook or with your friends.

Remember that every little bit counts.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.


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