WATCH – Howard Stern ANNIHILATES Liberals on Gun Control in THIS Viral Video

Not all celebrities are Liberal gun control fanatics. Howard Stern was very upset about Orlando, but also in how liberals are trying to use it for their gun control platform.

“I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down, but I can’t believe these people come out afterwards and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public,”Howard Stern said on a recent segment of his radio show.

Howard Stern went on to reference the general public as sheep. He said most of us sit around all day and have no idea how to defend ourselves.

“We are in a flock and we basically think everything’s o.k. Except the wolves, the bad guys, whether they be ISIS, terrorists homegrown or otherwise… the common thug, whatever. The military and police look at themselves as sheep dogs…they protect us.”

Stern said his sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs theory was a perfect analogy to describe the way our society functions – or malfunctions, as the case may be.

He urged those pushing for gun control to think about France. Terrorists in the recent attack there all had AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic handguns, and missile launchers, even though the country has some of the most stringent gun laws’ on the planet.

What did the public have to defend themselves with from the ISIS terrorists? Nothing – maybe a sharp steak knife if they thought to quickly grab one that might have luckily been in reach.

“With a sheep herd, they [watchdogs] know at night the wolves often pick off a couple of them,” Howard Stern said, posing a question to the folks in the studio with him.

“What if I went up to the sheep and said, ‘Do you wanna have a shot at the wolves? I’m gonna give you a pistol, you can actually even the playing field with the wolves,” Stern continued.

Howard Stern then mocked the sheep who had no desire to fight back to protect their families. In the voice of a sheep, he relayed their thoughts further. “The shepherd will protect us, the sheep dogs will protect us.”

As Stern pointed out in his superb analogy, the shepherd and the sheep dogs can’t be everywhere at once. Taking the opportunity to arm yourself and to stand up for that right is truly the only way to ensure the life of yourself and those you love.

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