WATCH – Hilllary Caught on Tape Admitting Something “Secret”

Recently uncovered information has revealed new clues about Hillary Clinton’s behavior.

Hillary is shown on video warning her staff to be vigilant about cyber security. This incredibly ironic and somewhat damning in light of what we know about her private email servers.

If Hillary is warning her colleagues, it means she knew better. It suggests that she knew her private email servers were not secure. And it suggests she has not been honest with the American people.

Hillary Clinton has run a campaign that tries to obscure or deny these facts. But, when more information comes out, it undermines Clinton’s excuses.

Where there is smoke there is fire, and when there are this many warning signs of Hillary Clinton lying, it means that voters should pause and reconsider.

Voters must ask how much more information will come out. And they should ask how much sensitive classified information is now in the hands of foreign powers that can easily hack a private server.

Unfortunately, most voters don’t seem to care about these things. They care more about getting free birth control and protecting other goodies from the government. Or they care about Hillary Clinton’s ideas of social justice.

Others feel they would be protected and benefit from a Hillary Clinton presidency. These forces range from the many people associated with the Clinton Foundation and even foreign powers that have paid to play. The rest of us fear being more unprotected and suffering greater harm.

It’s important that Americans look at the video and see for themselves. Hillary Clinton is incredibly dishonest and can’t be trusted with the presidency.

What might be more shocking than the evidence of Hillary Clinton lying is that so few American people will even care and how many will excuse it away and vote for her anyway.


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