Watch – Hillary Surrogate Lets Out Short Scream After Jack Tapper Smacks Down Hillary’s EmailGate Lies

You know, you gotta hand it to CNN’s Jake Tapper. At least he is trying to be objective, which is more than you can say about the rest of the media. And this segment on CNN Friday afternoon proves it.

Rarely do mainstream media journalists hold leftists’ feet to the fire. Tapper is the exception.

In the beautiful segment below, Tapper refuses to let Hillary Clinton surrogate and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm get away with saying that Hillary Clinton has been honest and truthful about her EmailGate scandal.

First, progressive leftist Democrat Granholm referred to EmailGate as a “little email thing,” a shameful attempt to downplay the scandal that still haunts the Democrat nominee as Tapper is not shy about pointing out.

Toward the end of this short segment, Granholm actually lets out a short scream after Tapper tells her that what she said about Hillary’s recent lies were not true.

Well done, Tapper.



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