WATCH – Hillary Campaign BUSTED Trying To Rig Election, It’s All On Video!!

If you sneak a camera into a Hillary Clinton campaign training session, it is amazing how much you will find out about the inner-workings of the Democrat Party. It is unlikely this soon-to-be viral video will ever make it to your television screen, since the mainstream media surely won’t want voters to see what Clinton surrogates are teaching their staffers to do!

Hillary4America organizers were caught on video deliberately instructing volunteers to break voting laws.


The woman telling Hillary Clinton supporters to break the law is reportedly Christina Gupana, a Las Vegas attorney and campaign worker.

The Nevada attorney is reportedly tasked with helping manage the Hillary Clinton voter registration drive.

“Do whatever you can. Whatever you can get away with, just do it until you get kicked out, like totally,” Gupana is heard telling Hillary volunteer trainees.

“Like totally,” the Las Vegas attorney should not be training others to break the law and help circumvent the will of We the People by rigging a presidential election.

The folks behind the undercover video also recorded volunteers behaving in a covertly partisan manner when engaging in voter registration efforts—even though they knew it was against the law.


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