WATCH – Herman Cain Drops TRUTH BOMB On Democrats Attacking Sessions, It’s EPIC

Herman Cain is an American author, radio host, and once presidential candidate for the Republican party. He had this to say about the Democrats’ attack on Jeff Sessions.

“You notice the three clips were all black men? Why? Because they wouldn’t trot out a white Democrat to call him a racist. No-o-o, let’s go get black Democrats to call him racist!” Cain stated.


The Democrat party brought out black Democrats to speak out against Sessions because it fit their narrative better. Never mind the fact that these Democrats once spoke highly of Sessions until there came a time when they shouldn’t.

Senator Cory Booker once said it was an honor to work with Sessions. Now, he’s saying that having Sessions as the attorney general would be the worst thing in the world because he’s “racist.”

Isn’t it convenient that all of a sudden Booker has terrible things to say about Sessions? Never mind the fact that Sessions convicted a KKK member and sentenced him to death for killing a young black man or that he pushed to remove segregation in schools.

These are facts that are overlooked and irrelevant to the Democrats because the only argument they can come up with against anyone is that they are racist. They seem content to use their false argument against anyone regardless of fact.

Besides, it was Democrats who had the strongest racist ties during the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement. It was an Alabama Democrat governor, George Wallace, who once said, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!”

Herman Cain is one of the few bringing the truth about this attack against Sessions’ character to the American public, showing that the Democrats are simply trying to get their way and not elect a just man like Sessions as the next attorney general.

Sessions has always brought down swift action against anyone who had done wrong regardless of race. If you break the law, then you will pay the consequences. The Democrats are simply terrified that their girl, Loretta Lynch, won’t be there to overlook their corruption any longer.

The accusations voiced by the Democrats have been proven false, just like the rest of their narratives. They’re nothing but liars and cheats, and that won’t ever change. Booker’s flipflop views alone prove that.

I hope that the decision to make Sessions the attorney general goes through without a hitch because he will be the perfect person for the job and will show unyielding justice across the board. At least some are standing up and shoving the Democrats’ hypocrisy in their faces.

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