WATCH – Gowdy Points the Finger at 6 Obama Officials, Then Turns to Barack…

Trey Gowdy pointing the finger at Barack Obama is what a true American patriot looks like. He had the guts to say what we’ve all been thinking for months!

Gowdy came out and slammed Obama and six of his top staffers during the House Intelligence Committee hearing yesterday while questioning FBI Director James Comey. Gowdy suggested they were the ones who actually leaked information about Michael Flynn’s harmless meetings with a Russian official during the recent election, which forced Flynn to resign, via The Daily Caller.

For a long time now, Gowdy has been a constant thorn in the side of Obama and the Democrat Party as a whole. He has never been afraid to take them on and call them out on their BS like a true politician should.

Many believe Obama is trying to undermine the Trump administration and trying to somehow get back into a powerful position himself.

The former president even uses shady means like illicit surveillance to try and entrap patriots like Michael Flynn.

Obama stoops lower than the pits of hell to try and fulfill what he wants without giving any regard to the American people.

He was a blight on this country for eight years, turning our country into a laughing stock globally.

Thankfully, with President Trump at the helm, we are being steered back toward the path of being a global powerhouse once again. Since he got into office a few months ago, President Trump has achieved more than Obama did in eight years.

With Trey Gowdy exposing the disgraceful leaks that Obama and his cronies made, he is ensuring that the American people don’t forget what an unpatriotic man he really is. More and more people are turning away from the Democrat Party after these latest allegations, and they are now nothing but a laughing stock.

This is going to be an exciting space to watch as Obama could be hauled in front of the committee next. We would LOVE to see him finally get what he deserves — a prison cell!

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