WATCH – Giuliani DESTROYS Lester Holt With EPIC Post-Debate Takedown, It’s PERFECT

It’s becoming generally accepted by many—or at least by those who pay attention—that Lester Holt acted biased and unethically in his role as moderator for the presidential debate this past Monday. Rudy Giuliani’s expert takedown of Holt not only knocked the liberal down a notch, but it also revealed something shocking about Hillary Clinton the vast majority of Americans never expected. Clinton has been a public figure for almost 30 years, but the amount of information she has kept hidden is shocking.

“What’s he doing interfering?” Giuliani said, “Hillary Clinton is the one that should be correcting Donald Trump — not a journalist.”


Giuliani went on to note that if a moderator is going to correct a presidential candidate on live television in front of a massive audience, he better be right.

According to Giuliani, Lester Holt was “dead wrong” and so was Hillary Clinton when she tried to challenge Donald Trump on the stop-and-frisk issue.

Hillary Clinton should know the law, right? After all, she is an attorney.

Well, she is now, but it took her a while to get those credentials.

Hillary Clinton FAILED the bar exam.

“But the thing that’s wrong is Lester Holt said straight out, ‘stop-and-frisk is unconstitutional.’ Lester Holt is not a lawyer. He’s wrong. Every cop does stop-and-frisk in every part of America, and she said the same thing. And I’ll give her an excuse because she failed the bar exam.”

Perhaps that is why she didn’t realize she was breaking the law when she improperly and unsafely sent and received classified information on her home email server.

Hillary did ultimately pass the bar exam, but she had to move from Washington, DC to Arkansas to do it.

The mainstream media are, of course, ignoring Giuliani’s zinger on Hillary’s failure to pass the bar and the need to relocate to take it again.

Imagine the headlines today if someone had revealed Donald Trump failed to pass the real estate license test. The liberal pundits would be salivating over the tidbit, and it would lead every news show for days.


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