WATCH – Flood Survivor Issues Emotional Plea For Donald Trump, It’s Going Viral

The President is playing golf and Hillary is taking a nap… and Trump has boots on the ground visiting the people of Louisiana to see how he can help.

One flood survivor wanted the country to know just what the visit meant, stating,“America’s gotta wake up! Donald Trump is the way to wake us up! He is waking America up…America’s gotta get behind him!”

Days like today are why more and more Americans are starting to get behind Trump.

Liberals make all kinds of promises, but they never deliver.

They have been promising to help African-Americans for decades, but we all know how that has worked out.

And, with an African-American president, we would have thought unemployment would be down, crime rates would be lowered, etc… but last time I checked, it is quite the opposite.

Trump obviously is not in a position to do anything for the people of Louisiana at this time, but at least he is on the ground accessing the situation so he can do something the moment he takes office.

Actually, who knows, knowing Trump, he may still put something together for these citizens to help them out even before he gets into office!

The last week has shown us all a lot about our two candidates and our sitting president.

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One of them cares deeply about the people of this country, the other two care about nothing other than themselves.


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