WATCH – Donald Trump Releases New Ad to OBLITERATE Hillary, It’s OVER If People See This

Deplorable: very bad in a way that causes shock, fear, or disgust; deserving censure or contempt. That is what Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans. And now Trump is calling her on it.

His most recent ad hits her hard on her “basket of deplorables” comment, and this could be the what makes her poll numbers dip dramatically…

First, I really want to address her comment.

When I heard her say it, my jaw dropped and I told my buddy that was going to sink her.

Simply put, a blanket statement such as this is could be enough to end someone’s campaign and I think had it been anyone other than Hillary, and by that I mean any candidate on the left or right, it would have been over.

But, not only did Hillary escape the comment, she doubled down on it by refusing to apologize for the comment itself and said she was only sorry for saying “half” his voters were “deplorables.”

Second, the comment shows who the true bigot in this election really is.

Her blanket statement does something the Dems have chastised Trump over in terms of his Mexico comments and his refugee comments, even though Trump was far more specific than Hillary.

How can you have that much disdain for a significant amount of people in your country and not expect to crash and burn.

Finally, consider how many Hillary supporters have close friends or family that are Trump supporters.

All of a sudden, they realize their candidate is making false accusations against their kin and friends.

Even though they know it not to be true, does the person walking down the street that sees them wearing a Trump MAGA hat know it?

So, when that random person is so angry that he or she now thinks all Trump supporters are bigots and attacks them, whose fault is that?

How Hillary can ever again accuse Trump of fueling a racial divide in the country is beyond me. She may have singlehandedly just put a match to a kerosene soaked pile of wood and paper.


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