WATCH – Crowd of Flood Victims Went Crazy When They Realized TRUMP Had Arrived

I have already seen liberals actually criticizing Donald Trump for going to Louisiana and making a natural disaster a political tool. I think one of his statements today put all that nonsense to bed.

After arriving and hearing the crowd go crazy over his appearance, Trump took his spot in line to help hand out supplies and told the interviewer, “I am just here to help.”

One would think the Governor of the flood ravaged state would appreciate any presidential candidate coming to his state, but not John Bel Edwards.

No, he decided to take a shot, “We welcome him to (Louisiana), but not for a photo op.”

He Governor, where is Hillary? What about Obama?

While the Governor was more than a little out of line, the people of the state were just happy to see someone take an interest in their plight.

Earlier today I published a rather emotional plea from one such man, and another woman in the area was more than impressed Trump showed up today.

Yet Kelli Michelli lost her home, but she stated, “He took time out of his busy schedule to come here. I don’t care if he gives a nickel, he showed he cared by coming here,” viaReuters.

I remember Bush showing up at the 9/11 site and what it meant to everyone there and throughout the country.


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