Watch Ben Carson Make Heads Explode On CNN! Look What He Just Said About Trump…

CNN is not going to like this. They are probably trying to get it wiped from the air. They are trying really hard to milk the Khizr Khan story because it’s the only thing they have to talk about.

Ben Carson got on CNN and rocked Wolf Blitzer to the core when he said that he the Khan family should apologize to Trump!

Wolf was shocked, of course, but then again, he is a liberal. You can’t expect much from them.

Ben Carson is one of the most comment sense men in America. It’s too bad that he didn’t make it farther in the Presidential race, but he is here helping Trump win. He is still doing god’s work.

Share this article with anyone you know that is supporting Trump! Carson is right. Let’s get the Khan family to apologize for assaulting Trump in the media. (h/t Mediate)

We need to punch through the mainstream media together!

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