WATCH – ‘ANONYMOUS’ Group Releases THIS Bombshell Video Exposing Hillary – GOODBYE HILLARY

It is truly difficult to comprehend just how badly Hillary deceives the American people. A new video released by the hacker group Anonymous is a step in the right direction, however.

In regards to the private, insecure server, Trey Gowdy grilled Hillary Clinton over the number of emails she had turned over and had meshed into the State Department’s system.

While she said 95%, Gowdy vehemently disagreed, saying the number was more like just 1% of the number. He rhetorically asked her just who it was who told her she had 95% of the emails in the hands of the State Department.

Hillary received another question in an earlier testimony. A woman showed her a pile of emails related to Benghazi prior to the attack, which were over 700 strong, and a pile of emails after the attack, and there were just about 60 or more.

The woman said, “I am troubled by what I see here” but apparently Hillary didn’t share that same sentiment.

The email situation is further compounded as well, because Hillary even contradicts herself regarding the nature of the emails. She said many of the emails were personal, between her and Bill, yet Bill later said he has only sent two emails in his whole entire life!

They delineate some of the immense missteps, lies, and outright fabrications this woman has done in regards to her time in public life. Here are just a few of them:


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