WATCH – Ann Coulter Comes Forward, Issues THIS Urgent Warning to Voters

Ann Coulter is as brutally honest and blunt as Donald Trump, which is probably why liberals hate her so much too. The brazen blonde just issued a warning all Americans need to hear before casting a ballot in November.

During an interview with Stefan Molyneuz, the host of Freedomain Radio, Ann Coulter said the outcome of the 2016 presidential election will “determine” the very survival of western civilization. The In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! author is right as usual.

“It has taken centuries to create the freest, most prosperous, fairest societies in the world, and there have been lots of studies about this — especially Samuel Huntington, some professors at Harvard, UCLA. You never hear about this, so that the left can go on persuading Americans, and I suppose Canadians and British and so on, that American culture is the worst culture in the world, and as soon as we replace ourselves, the better off we are,” Coulter said.

Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, unlike Hillary Clinton, actually LIKE Americans. Clinton and Obama do not believe the U.S. is an exceptional nation, and their socialistic polices are a clear indication of exactly how much they want to change the land of the free—for the worse.

“We are somehow oppressing these throngs of the Third World that are now being brought in to replace us, but the truth is exactly the opposite. We do have the most successful culture in the history of the world. It is the fairest to the weak, the vulnerable, women, children, plants, animals, on honesty versus corruption,” Coulter added.

We have spent the last eight years living under a regime that does not respect or adhere to the fact that the nation is based on three coequal branches of government. The Founding Fathers specifically balanced the power of the federal government to ensure Americans would always remain citizens and not subjects.

America simply cannot survive another four years of politically correct policies, big government loving liberals, excessive spending, and the refusal to admit we are at war with radical Islamic terrorists. A Hillary Clinton administration would be the same as, or worse, than a third term of Obama.

At least Obama was an ideologue instead of a for-sale crook like Hillary. Sure, all good patriots rightfully loathed his policies, but we knew what to expect from his far-left, socialist-leaning administration. We just did not possess enough true states-persons to stand up and fight what he was doing.

Hillary is an even slimier career politician than Obama because she stands for nothing except her own ambitions to secure as much power and money as possible. A person who will say and do anything to get what she wants is a very dangerous individual.

The U.S. barely survived the Obama era. Our wallets are lighter, our freedoms are more infringed upon, political correctness has hit a fever pitch, our borders are insecure, and improperly vetted Muslim refugees are being resettled by the tens of thousands across the country.

Do not allow your friends, neighbors, and loved ones to tempt fate any further by casting a ballot for Hillary. Do your patriotic duty to help preserve the America the Founders intended—educate everyone of voting age about the dire consequences of not voting for Donald Trump!


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