WATCH – Al Sharpton Caught Chanting Something ‘Weird’ In Viral Video Clip

Rev. Al Sharpton held a rally on Saturday with his National Action Network, and he started a chant that is likely to be another slogan for the liberals’ hateful agenda.

Al Sharpton stated, “You may switch presidents, but we are going to just switch legs and keep on marching. We won’t back down. We won’t be trumped! We won’t be trumped!


The event was supposed to bring attention to the “four non-negotiable issues” Sharpton wants to focus on — voting rights, economic justice, the Affordable Care Act, and criminal justice/police reform, via CNS News.
Sharpton is not looking to appeal to Donald Trump but to the Senate and the House—most likely because he knows Trump will take him down.

“Get some guts,” Sharpton stated, probably not realizing that it’s guts that got Donald Trump elected in the first place! It took guts to stand up to the liberals, against the people who were labeling us as bigots and racists because we refused to vote for a criminal. Black American were called “race traitors” and “Uncle Toms” for refusing to vote for a white woman, which made zero sense.
Donald Trump has never said anything about taking away the voting rights of anyone in this country, not minorities and not women. Trump’s platform was to improve our nation and our communities, and he even addressed black Americans personally and vowed to improve their neighborhoods.

As for economic justice, Donald Trump is more an advocate for that than Obama ever was. That’s why he’s bringing all these jobs back to America—so that each American citizen can create a foundation for themselves and live their lives to their full potential.
No, this does not extend to illegal immigrants. They do not have a leg to stand on in this country! We are tired of illegals taking jobs and not paying taxes because it is part of why our economy is dismal and part of why Americans are struggling.

This brings me to Obamacare, or the “Affordable” Care Act. Donald Trump will be putting a new system in place that is far superior to Obamacare, which is a failed system to say the least. While it was called “affordable,” it is definitely not for most Americans. Instead, it’s breaking the bank and ruining people’s lives.
And our criminal justice system will be improved, especially with an attorney general who is fair and unbiased unlike Loretta Lynch, who looked the other way when it came to liberal elites. As for the police reform, there is always room for improvement, but the kind of reform Al Sharpton calls for is why the Black Lives Matter movement is so popular right now. Their type of reform is killing police officers, which only makes the safety problem worse and widens the divide in our country!

Liberals who say they “won’t be trumped” fail to realize that the election is over. You have been trumped! The Republicans trumped the Democrats, and that’s why Trump is going to be moving into the White House instead of Hillary Clinton.

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