BREAKING: Debbie Wassermann Schultz Just Made a Full Confession, She’s Guilty

The previous DNC head, Debbie Wassermann Schultz got herself in trouble when a claim starting circulating that she violated some of the security policies in office. It turns out she did and finally confessed to it all.

According to Allen B West, Debbie came forward and admitted that she was breaking cyber laws in office for “years and years.” After the police began to investigate her Information Technology aide, Imran Awan for charges that stem from sharing information from Congress with various Intelligence offices. Schultz became outraged and then changed her aide’s title to “adviser” instead of firing him. They were hiding something!

It is no longer a question as to whether Schultz was participating in illegal activity. It is evident. If you remember, after the fiscal with her “aide,” she ended up resigning from the Democratic National Committee in July of 2016. All of these events led up to the Wikileaks information coming out, and she got out of town.

Schultz knew as soon people started combing through the emails she was going to be brought down in no time. Debbie simply claims that she “uses Dropbox,” She knew perfectly well it could be breached and didn’t care. The best part? She then BLAMES the House authorities for her breach in security.

Her claim is that “It is not blocked. I am fully able to use it.” Just because you have access to it doesn’t give you the right to do as you please! There are rules and boundaries.

Debbie’s argument is basically if someone goes into another person’s house and robs them, it is fine, just as long as the person being robbed accidentally left their door open. How absurd!

Of course, you wouldn’t rob their house! It isn’t the right thing to do, and there are laws in place. In that same sense, you don’t use Dropbox because it is open and able to use. It is not the right thing to do, and there are RULES in place restricting use.

It is a fundamental concept to understand, yet somehow goes over Schultz’s head and out the back door. If you sat down a toddler and explained “rules” they would be able to grasp the concept to some degree.

Now that we know the truth about what Debbie was doing during her time at the DNC it is about time for her to go to jail! If you are going to mindfully break the law you have to pay the price. We have these rules there for a REASON.

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